Picture Hanging Services & Collection Display

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if pictures hung themselves? Unfortunately, smart home technology hasn’t caught up with this daunting task that confronts many homeowners. But a personal touch is always better, in my book. A human eye, particularly one of an interior designer, can be indispensable in hanging pictures. I’d be happy to help you assess your space, artwork, and collections to come up with the perfect way to display them.

It’s not uncommon for me to work with clients who have pictures sitting in closets that they meant to hang up one day but never got around to it. Putting together a gallery wall is often too overwhelming to even attempt.

Picture hanging could be considered an artform by itself. It requires looking at the bigger picture, no pun intended. Wall art can be tricky to bring together tastefully, and sometimes the shape or size of a wall can be challenging if the dimensions are unconventional. Picture hanging takes patience and an eye for all of those factors, which I will bring to your project with enthusiasm.

Maybe you don’t have the right piece for the space you want to fill. I offer services to bring the right touch to an empty nook, like finding that one last black and white image to complete your collection. I often discover the right print or painting when I least expect it, perhaps at an open-air flea market or in a high-end decor store. I’ve also been known to snap a picture and send it ASAP for you to make a choice when an item seems just right for you.

One of my favorite challenges is to work with a client’s collection. Do you have framed stamps? Modern retro collages? Landscapes? A display case full of yo-yo’s? Maybe you have heirloom paintings or a series of interesting, but quirky, framed pictures that you don’t know how to put together. I consider this one of my specialties: editing and displaying your collection. Think of it as a form of curation. You love your collection because of X, Y, or Z reasons. So, how do you make it pop when you hang it for display? I’d be happy to show you how.

I often hear similar feedback about my picture hanging services, which always tells me the results were worth it. Clients say to me: “I never saw it that way before.” “Or, you knew just how to pull those pictures together.” One of my strengths as an interior designer is seeing things that work visually, proportionally, and color-wise. I also can tell you what doesn’t work and explain why.

Not only will I show you what works, I’ll also assist in hanging it. This takes the stress out of doing it yourself. If you’ve waited too long to hang your artwork or pictures, don’t put it off any longer. Often, with my help, a room can come together in a few hours or less. You’ll be amazed at how much more complete your life feels when you have hung the art or memorabilia that you love the most.

Client’s artwork displayed as a gallery wall

artwork displayed as gallery wall
This blue living room is owned by an art collector who loves her paintings but had a hard time displaying them. We were able to work together to make a cohesive grouping that tied the whole living area together.

Client’s treasured antique banjo necks made into artwork

banjo necks made into artwork
A box of mismatched banjo necks was the inspiration for this piece of art that now hangs above the fireplace mantle. Displays like these show your personality to the guests you invite into your home. They are a very important part of your story. What part of your personality is hiding in your closet or attic?