about Pure and Simple Interiors


Susan Markovitz ~ Owner/Principal Designer

“I believe that everyone deserves good, affordable design.”

 Susan earned her degree in Interior Design from the Southern Institute of Design in 2009, but she’s actually been creating stylish space plans since she was 14. After obtaining her degree, she relocated to the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Along the way, she’s gained an exceptional eye for art and color, combined with a frugal sensibility that clients have come to cherish.

“You probably have what you need without purchasing ‘more stuff.’”

Always able to envision creative solutions instead of carelessly spending money, Susan finds tremendous satisfaction in repurposing existing items. She’s turned hand-me-downs and thrift-store finds into beautiful prized possessions, weaving them perfectly into her newly-imagined interiors.

“A home that is welcoming and organized can simplify your life in ways that may surprise you.”

Reducing clutter through innovative design, Susan helps clients keep only what is beautiful and useful in their environments—the very essence of pure & simple. She specializes in distinguishing between the private and the public spaces within a home, evoking finely-tuned atmospheres for each.

“We can work together to make your home more livable, more spacious and always comfortably serene.”

Susan is an amazingly intuitive listener, thanks in part to decades of working closely with all kinds of people, keenly listening for the oft-missed details that can make all the difference. Using this unique ability, she’s able to truly envision what a client is seeking… even when the client isn’t exactly sure.

Pure & Simple goes beyond interior decorating into the realm of interior design. While interior decorating is primarily a matter of aesthetics, interior design is more foundational, including matters of planning, architecture and building. Unlike a home decorator, an Interior Designer must earn a four-year degree with intensive study of architecture, construction and building materials, and is qualified to create plans for residential and commercial construction.

Degreed Interior Designers have extensive knowledge of building materials, fabrics, universal measurements and code requirements, and memberships in professional associations to keep them up to date on industry developments. Home decorating requires no such degree.

                                   SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION
                                                     Leonardo da Vinci



Susan’s simple suggestions made cooking easier and the kitchen is much more aesthetically pleasing.

- Lynn Bledsoe & Bill Ryan, Kitchen Update

Susan helped us fix a visual problem with the garage on the home we were building. She has an unerring eye for design and detail. I would high recommend her!!!

— Susan Steffe, Home Owner

Visitors who come in for the first time all say, “Oh, how beautiful, how warm and welcoming!” It is without a doubt the best looking office I’ve ever had. Susan did an exceptionally good job listening to my needs.

— Rev. Lone Broussard, Counseling Office Renovation

Susan was involved in all stages of our office/guest room redo, helping us with everything from selecting paint color and eco-friendly bamboo flooring to locating desks and bookshelves maximizing office space.  Susan respected our financial concerns and worked within our budget. She even taught me how to piece a wall hanging so we could use it for a curtain.

— Fred and Mary Williams, Office Guest Room Update

Could I be more thrilled with my new office?  I don't think so.  It is absolutely, positively better.  It wouldn't have happened without you.

— Linda Topp, Administrator's Office