Interior Design Services

During your first consultation we address your needs and expectations to make your space more beautiful, simple and workable. There is a competitive hourly fee with payment due at time of service. While I am searching for products or furniture, I will continuously update you on the progress and time invested in the search and will go out of my way to save you money by purchasing items on sale. I have found that this pure and simple way of doing business keeps everyone happy. This way you know what you are spending, and I can work within your budget. There will be no surprises!

Space Planning

I can reconfigure a closet, a room or your entire house by drafting a new plan that better utilizes your space. Space planning can also include something as simple as a new furniture plan. 

Color/Paint Consultation

I can provide you with three color choices with complimenting colors for yours walls and trim. Or perhaps you want color ideas for redecorating a living room or a bedroom that includes fabrics and finishes. 

Staging for Resale

A fresh eye can help you decide what needs to stay and needs to go in your home to ready it for resale. Minimizing personal effects and simplifying traffic flow can greatly increase the selling of your home. 

Retail/Wholesale Searching - including consignment and antique stores

I perform personal shopping services for one-of-a-kind items to be used as is or choose items to be upcycled to make that certain statement you're searching for. 

Decor Updating

Perhaps your decor is outdated, and you would like it to be freshened. We can work together within your budget to find the right fabrics, accessories and finishes to modernize your home/office's interior. 

Personalizing Collections, Framing Artwork and Family Photos

Hanging art work takes patience and time that you might not have. I can facilitate framing your photos/art work and create pleasing displays that creates a unique focal point to personalize any room. 

Downsizing and Organization

Decluttering your home of unneeded or unwanted objects is a stressful and difficult task for anyone. You will find a second pair of eyes can quickly and easily assess what could be packed away, donated or gifted to make your home more organized and manageable.