Interior Design Services

Offering Interior design services is a passion of mine. It brings me joy and, ultimately, also brings my clients joy. My decision to pursue interior design as a profession started after my first career in social work. For years, I worked directly with people, and the caring part of my personality was fulfilled. Being a social worker required patience, listening skills, deft decision-making, and an ability to read people. Interior design requires the same skills. I’m proud to say I’ve had plenty of practice.

I care about you and your project. Yet no two interior design clients who cross paths are the same. That being said, my objective is to approach your home improvement with the same sense of care that I do my own home environment, regardless of the scope of your project or design needs. The test is whether the new home decor, rearrangement, or renovation satisfies your needs as well. You may want a second opinion on a new couch or rug or a total interior design overhaul in your home. My goal always is to make the interior design choices match your tastes, needs, and budget.

My Interior Design Experience

  • Living room interior design services
  • Office interior design services
  • Bedroom interior design services
  • Kitchen interior design services
  • Patio/Porch interior design services
  • Painting consultations services

I also have extensive experience hanging pictures, decluttering, organizing, and paint, fabric, and pattern selection, plus much more.

My Interior Design Credentials

My credentials include a degree in Interior Design, which affords me a greater depth of knowledge of many areas that will improve your design, such as a mastery of proportion; dimensions of standard furniture, window treatments, and fixtures; project management; the science of color; materials research and pricing; renovating; construction techniques; environmental considerations, including lighting and conditioned spaces; types of wood, stone, and countertops; and marketing.

The Design Process

Usually, a project begins with a phone conversation about your needs and goals. If we are a match, then I typically suggest setting up a meeting on-site and discussing in greater depth the ideas you have for making changes. Interior design is about reclaiming your ability to change your life for the better, and I see myself as your house’s “life coach.” No kidding! I’ll make suggestions on how my skills could improve or create the home you deserve. Once we decide on the best path, we’ll get to work!

Interior Design with a Focus on Reclaiming & Repurposing

My interior design services feature a strong emphasis on reclaiming or repurposing furniture. It doesn’t take a roomful of brand new items to make a house perfect. In fact, reclaimed furniture or repurposed furniture can add more personality to a space because of the way it expresses your uniqueness rather than a showroom designer’s. And, they typically save your project money. Asheville and the surrounding area has a wealth of resale, consignment, antique and plain old junk stores in which to find unique treasures.

Often, photos tell the best story. Please browse through my portfolio to see several recent interior design projects that showcase my tastes and ability. You’ll notice my work has two overriding strengths: I often work with a client’s existing inventory of furniture and decor AND my sensibilities favor simplicity and comfort.