Home Staging Services

Many people describe themselves as “not visual" and have a difficult time seeing themselves in a place that’s not decorated to their tastes. This is why staging a home can make such a difference when a property is up for sale. More than ever, buyers are searching online for homes, and real estate staging has taken on greater importance. Photos, videos, and 3D tours become especially important to sell or buy a house. A staged home takes the potential homeowner into account. Staging a house helps the buyer visualize living in the spaces, as if it were “Home Sweet Home.”

You may not realize how much thought and planning is behind those really great photos that draw you in. Furniture placement, attention to architectural detail, the right artwork, lack of clutter, and a pleasing flow throughout the home are key factors to consider when staging a home.  Do you ever recall looking at a home for sale and being turned off by the owner's taste, artwork, or decor? Staging a home requires thought to present a pleasing blank pallet in which a buyer or family can see themselves living in. 

Staging a Home for Resale Improves Value

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) tracks how staging a home for resale improves prospects for the buyer. In 2019, 83% of buyers’ agents said staging a house made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. The NAR also has learned that:

  • Buyers are more willing to walk through a home staged for resale if they first saw it online
  • Real estate staging will positively impact home’s value if decorated to a buyer's taste
  • Buyers will overlook other property faults if it is staged
  • Not staging a house will negatively impact a home’s value if it is decorated against a buyer's taste


home staging of southern home living room

Here’s one example of my staging in real estate. The design in this photo from one of my clients is straight-forward and clean. The idea behind this furniture arrangement and color scheme comes from the need for simple lines and muted tones. A neutral pallet is pleasing to most buyers because it’s not jarring, and the color enhances in a subtle way rather than draws attention to itself. The staging is free from clutter, avoids overly personal objects, and has an easy flow.It also draws attention to the unique architectural features of a home. In this case the windows are the architectural feature that draws attention.

I have extensive experience with home staging and would love to help you get your home ready for resale. This can range from discussing your ideas about what to improve all the way to hands-on editing your home to show it off to prospective buyers. My services have an advantage over other real estate staging services in that I can work with your current decor and within your budget. Also, I have the ability to source materials that would enhance your home staging that are low-cost.

I have a keen eye for making changes and editing a room that can improve it for showing in a short period of time. Editing and decluttering a home is one of my specialties, and within a few hours, you can see a marked difference.

home staging sample 1
home staging sample 2