repurposed & reclaimed

Interior design shouldn’t be intimidating. It may seem like a luxury for those who have a lot of money to spend on furniture and decor, but it’s not. The items you have in your home and life aren’t there by accident. You’ve brought them into your living space because they add something to it. I encourage clients to repurpose their existing goods because it makes sense on many levels. Using repurposed or reclaimed items is budget-conscious and environmentally friendly. And, you’ve already done the hard work of setting the tone for your living space.

I've always thought as myself as "the people's interior designer," meaning I appreciate everyone’s tastes and budget. Often my clients say they have never "done this before." I believe that everyone deserves a comforting, peaceful, personality-filled place to live. It can immeasurably improve your outlook, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Repurposing your furniture, art, prints, decorations, and personal items can reinvigorate a stale setting.

One of my talents lies in seeing an object for the first time and visualizing its new potential. Maybe you have an old bookshelf that is crammed with too many books and pictures. I see it in a new way. With my help, we work together to select the items of most importance on the shelves and clear away the clutter. A bookshelf that was once an eyesore becomes the centerpiece of a room.

Affordable, reclaimed furniture from an antique store or flea market can also add new life to a project. Maybe you don’t have time to find the right piece. My services include shopping for reclaimed furniture to complete a room or wall. Once we meet and discuss your needs, I usually get a great sense of what you like and don’t like. From there, my instincts kick in and zero in on reclaimed decor that could add to your interior design or current decor. It could be a small shelf painted white for the deck; or a piece of pottery that matches a plate on display; or a footstool that improves the comfort of your living room; or a lamp in the right color. Small items (and big ones!) that are reclaimed or repurposed can add immense value and personality to your existing decor.

As the health of the planet continues to be an issue, using reclaimed or repurposed furniture and interiors helps keep stuff out of the landfill, too. It takes advantage of the bountiful options for interiors that already exist. I also encourage clients to recycle the items they no longer like or find useful. As the saying goes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” I can give recommendations on options to recycle or donate materials that no longer fit into your lifestyle. Then your previous treasures can be coveted by a new owner. The cycle continues.

Reclaimed and repurposed furniture and interiors makes sense

  1. Your budget will love you
  2. It takes advantage of existing resale markets
  3. It encourages recycling
  4. Finding that perfect piece can be exciting
  5. You may not have to go looking farther than your own closet
  6. Makes great interiors available to EVERYONE!


Examples of Repurposed & Reclaimed Furniture

Nightstand Refurbished

Nineteen seventies nightstand after and before refinishing using original hardware

1970s nightstand before refurbishing nightstand refurbished

Porch Chair Rescue

A back porch rescue is transformed into an elegant chair.

orange-chair-before orange-chair

Beloved Objects Lamp

A favorite Buddha sculpture, an antique Asian umbrella, and base are combined to make a table lamp.

buddha-lamp-resize buddha-lamp-final-resize

Personal Symbolic Art

An inspirational symbol brought to life in this very personal work of art.

personalized-art personalized-art2

Natural Outdoor Elements

Natural elements brought together to create an outdoor coffee table.


Collection as Decor

A seemingly mismatched group of vases for a unified dramatic display.