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So you’re ready to make the big leap and remodel your kitchen?  Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be building a new house and wonder what is trending in the hearth of the home arena?  We’ve watched as kitchens and dens/living areas have blended over the past decade with the development of the open floor plan.  The need to combine these spaces reflects busier, more casual lifestyles. Open plans are comfortable, workable and friendly.  People love to hang out in the kitchen whether helping the cook or keeping an eye on children completing homework while a parent cooks dinner after work.   The interest in gourmet cooking and the attention paid to the art of home entertaining also lends itself to making the kitchen an extention of the owner’s personality.  Three trends to update and personalize your kitchen for 2015 are:  1) Mixing woods in cabinetry, 2) Using open shelves to show your dishes/pottery, and 3) Painting one or two cabinets to coordinate with other colors in your kitchen.

The first trend in kitchen cabinetry is to mix woods or finishes, coordinating the woods or painting the cabinets differently.  The cabinets pictured below live side by side in harmoniously pleasing colors and are much more interesting than matching cabinetry.

sink and drawers

Susan Serra, Interior Designer, Design Milk, Spring 2014

The second trend in kitchens of 2015 is the use of open shelving (or floating shelving) to display unique object that are kitchen related or otherwise.  Open shelves allow you to show off unique dishes/pottery that might otherwise be hidden away.  There is no end to the creativity you can show with this option.


The third trend for kitchens is to add a different color or texture to a cabinet.  In this photo one cabinet is painted turquoise.  To carry the color theme further, an older round-top table was painted a slightly different shade of turquoise.  A retro hanging light fixture and decorative plates on the wall further express the owner’s personality.  The use of open shelving is also used by placing simple floating shelves to the right of the cabinet


Try one or more of these ideas for your new kitchen update and hear your kitchen sing!


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