Hanging Art Work

Hanging Art Work is more than “Pinning the Tail of the Donkey”

One of the most common mistakes in placing art work, wall hangings, or sculpture is hanging it at the wrong level.  Most people simply eyeball it and pound it that nail. There is a formula to help you place your art work at the most pleasing level for the eye.   

Most galleries hang their art at average eye level, about 58 inches high. The center of the artwork, not the top of the piece, should be at that height. This means you need to do some math: Measure the distance between the wire and the top of the frame, and measure the height of the art and divide it in half. Measure 58 inches on the wall, add the measurement of half the art's height and subtract the distance between the wire and the top of the frame. Put the nail here. www.houzz.com

Below are two quotes from Interior Designers that are members of the American Society of Interior Designers from Dwell magazine

Valeri Steil, ASID:"Installation of artwork is critical. Don't do the 'shotgun' approach, with one piece hung on every wall space at about the same height. Don't hang your artwork too high—floating on its own. And don't forget to leave some space for your eye to rest. Every wall surface does not have to be covered. Consider the entire composition of the room."

Rona J. Spiegel, ASID, CID:
"There are many common design mistakes, but one that glares out in a space is when artwork is hung improperly, either too high or too low. The art can be exactly right, but proportion and scale are important for the art to work well in a space." www.dwell.com

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Now that you know the correct way to hang art work, why not expand your idea of hanging one or two pictures and try something a little more creative.  Above are some whimsical ideas for some of your treasured belongings that would look great on your wall.

 Featured image source: http://maloblogg.blogspot.com/2010/05/blog-post_18.html



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